All you need to know about Wool Berber Carpets

Wool Berber carpets are the ultimate when it comes to hard wearing, good quality carpets. They’re suitable for any space in the home and come with a natural flecked finish for added depth.

What is a Berber Carpet?

Berber’ originally referred to handmade carpets (from North Africa) that were created using knots and various colours to create textured patterns. 

Now Berber carpets have adapted to global carpet trends and more often than not refers to a wool carpet that has all of the natural colours of wool twisted together to create a ‘flecked’ finish. The most common Berber carpets are looped as this harks back to the original method of creation but they are available in twists too.

What are the benefits of Berber Carpets?

The main benefits of Berber Carpets are;

•    The classic loop structure is extremely hardwearing making it perfect for heavy footfall areas (if you have pets, it’s a good idea to avoid loop carpets as their claws can undo the loops)
•    If made from wool, they bring with them all of the natural benefits of wool such as letting the area breath whilst trapping any dust, making them hypoallergenic. Wool is also naturally stain resistant 
•    Berber carpets natural complement any décor thanks to their natural colour palette. The natural hues of wool warm up any space and will work with any other textile in the room making it a great long-term choice

Choosing the perfect Berber Carpet

Firstly, check the loop height (if it’s a Berber loop carpet), the shorter the loop height, the more durable it is and less likely to be caught on everyday items, avoiding snagging. 

If you’re in a busy household, choosing a loop Berber may be the best option as the loop structure holds any liquids instead of absorbing them (thanks to the natural propensity of wool and the structure of the loop itself), meaning the carpet will be stain resistant.

See our cleaning guides on cleaning wool carpets for more information.

Berber Loop Carpets

As mentioned above, the most popular type of Berber carpet is loop pile. 
These loops can be uniform, giving a subtle textured look to your room or they can be staggered to provide more depth to a space.
Here are Hugh Mackay, we offer; 

Berber Twist Carpets

For those who do have pets and want a softer finish to your floor, we also have a range of Berber twist carpets including; 

Although not the traditional structure of a Berber, these ranges still bring with them the classic Berber carpet feel thanks to the blend of natural wools. To take these to the next level we have also created subtle colours such as Ocean Wash and Forest Fern by adding dyes to the wool that add just enough colour to make an impact but not enough that it covers the natural ‘fleck’ design.