Benefits of Wool

Feel at home with a natural wool carpet

From bold statement colours to modern patterns, a carpet can speak volumes about your personality and be a style statement for your home.

Choosing a wool carpet offers a comprehensive range of benefits from delivering luxurious underfoot comfort, to providing a safer environment through its flame-resistant natural properties, wool offers both peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones. 

A wool carpet is highly durable, resilient and easy to clean. With its unique, natural reshaping attributes, a wool carpet will not only maintain an exceptional appearance but last longer without having to be replaced.

With its renewable and sustainable qualities, wool reduces the impact on our planet, meaning buying a wool carpet makes perfect environmental sense – naturally!


Wool is naturally resilient and bounces back into shape time after time resulting in fabulous appearance retention. The strength of the natural yarn means that any wool carpet is fit for heavy traffic areas.


Naturally soil resistant, wool is easy to clean thanks to the oils in the yarn. These oils prevent oil-based soiling from being absorbed, reducing the overall appearance of soils. It should be noted that wool is prone to staining when it comes to coloured liquids such as tea, coffee or wine. If you encounter one of these spills, please see our carpet cleaning guide or consult the Wool Owners Warranty for help. If you have purchased a Hugh Mackay Wool Carpet, then you automatically receive 12 months free subscription to the Wool Owners Warranty service.


Wool is a naturally occurring fibre found on sheep and other similar animals. Shearing the animal is needed yearly, giving the carpet industry a fresh new batch of materials every 12 months. This renewable source has a limited environmental foot print as the yarn is not man made. 


Wool is a biodegradable material, which when biodegraded in soil will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water, all of which are plant nutrients. This cyclical journey reduces the overall carbon footprint of wool carpets compared to carpets made from man-made fibres. 


Wool is naturally flame resistant and has a very low rate of ignition. Instead of catching fire, the fibres in natural wool will burn but at a much slower rate than other materials, therefore slowing down and potentially preventing the spread of a fire, creating an inherently safer carpet for your home.


A natural wool carpet acts as an insulator for your home as the yarns are a natural fibre, they hold onto heat, much like a wool jumper would, making it a great investment for the winter months or if you’re based in a particularly cold area.

The yarns also act as noise insulation and subdue echoes as they absorb sounds, making it a perfect choice for busy family homes. 


The natural structure of wool allows the yarns of a carpet to hold onto dust floating in the air. Trapping the dust in the carpet reduces the amount of dust in the room, helping those with dust-based allergies or asthma to breathe easier. The dust will remain trapped in the carpet until it is vacuumed using a good quality vacuum cleaner. 

And Breathe…

Wool naturally filters the air whilst regulating humidity, generating a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Letting your home breath whilst purifying the air so you can breath easy too. 

Moth Proofing Policy

Our moth proofing policy listed on products warranted against moth infestation, is based upon the maintenance guidelines set out by the Wool Owners Warranty.

Proper maintenance of the carpet should be undertaken including regular vacuuming, and cleaning of all areas of the carpet. Areas that are not properly maintained are most at risk of developing any moth based issues. If you are a customer who is having a problem with carpet moths in relation to our products, please contact the retailer you purchased the carpet from. If you are a retailer who has received relevant complaints surrounding this issue, please contact our Customer Services department for further advice. They may request photographic evidence of any issues that are taking place.