Ways to treat stains immediately

Treating Stains

It is important to treat any spills/stains as soon as possible to prevent them leaving a permanent mark on the carpet.

There are many tips and tricks to removing spills or stains from your carpet, which is why we have gathered the most popular and effective methods for you here...


  • Mop up any liquid stains whilst they are still wet with a clean absorbent cloth or kitchen roll
  • Concentrated or dried substances can be carefully loosened using a spoon or the blunt edge of a knife, then immediately vacuumed. We wouldn’t recommend this method with loop carpets for fear of damaging the loop
  • Water soluble stains can be dampened using a wet cloth and then soaked up by dabbing with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen roll
  • Solvents – there are many organic solvents available that can be blotted onto a carpet to help remove a stain. Make sure the solvent you choose is applicable with the yarn of your carpet
  • Carpet shampoo – When applying carpet shampoo, it is best to start with the outside of the stain and work your way in-over. It is advisable to follow the instructions on your carpet shampoo and repeat if necessary.
  • Ironing – If you have a spot stain such as candle wax, simply let it dry, place absorbent paper over it and run an iron over the paper to help re-melt the wax. Take care to use the iron on a low heat and repeat until the stain is lifted. 
  • Laundry detergent – you can use a 2% laundry detergent solution by simply blotting this on the stain and allowing to dry
  • Nail polish remover – if you have spilt nail polish on your carpet, dabbing nail polish remover on top can help reduce the stain. Do not rub the stain as it will spread
  • Professional cleaning – if you have tried any of the above and cannot remove a stain, we advise getting in touch with a professional carpet cleaner.


It’s worth noting that cleaning a carpet is similar to cleaning any other textile in your home. 

The yarn type can greatly affect the success rates of the above cleaning methods. If you try any of the above, make sure the liquids you use do not contain any colourants, as these can transfer into the textile.

If you would like to find Woolsafe approved cleaning products, simply visit; www.woolsafe.org or download their free app.