All of our carpet display tombola’s have been designed in two sizes, each Tombola will have an option that will work for your shop, whether that be the smaller 12" sizes tombola or the larger 27" size tombola.

Unitary Catalogue

You can see our full range of unitary and more images of our Tombola’s in our Unitary Catalogue. 

Hugh Mackay Tombola

Each of our Tombola’s come with quality carpet samples. Each sample is whipped in the matching colour and comes with a label on the back of each sample that gives all of the vital information required.
Simply choose the size you would like and then choose from any of our collections including; man-made, wool, a mixture of the two or our Axminster offerings.


Bespoke Branding

We have the option, for a small added cost, to create bespoke branding for your Hugh Mackay carpet unitary. Contact your Area Sales Agent for more information on this.

Take the Branding Experience