Wall Units

Select from our range of Wall Units, Lecterns, Tombolas, 4 Gang Stands.

All of our carpet wall units are sold individually. They have been designed to work in sets, creating an effective wall of carpet displays. We also offer stair wall units and corner units to create the ultimate retail experience.

All of our wall units come with quality carpet samples of the ranges included.

Unitary Catalogue

You can see our full range of unitary and more images of our Wall Units in our Unitary Catalogue. 

New for 2021!

Brand new white unitary for 2021. Introducing our brand new white unitary for 2021. Ask your Area Sales Agent for the new cleaner colour today. 

Range Wall Units

This set of 4 units are sold individually and come with the branding and samples included.

You can choose from a variety of our ranges including; Durham Twist and our Deco Collection 

Stair Wall Units

This superb stair wall unit, adds a point of interest and showcases just what our fantastic ranges look like on stairs.

It also gives you the chance to showcase custom edging options and accessories such as stairrods.

Bespoke Branding Possibilities

We also offer a bespoke branding option for a small added cost. We can help you create your own unique artwork to help our unitary stand out from the crowd.

Take the Branding Experience