Living Room Inspiration

Decorating your living room can a real challenge. It is often the room that will be most used by family, friends, pets and more.

It should be a place that can handle heavy usage but still look its best no matter what.

Choosing your living-room carpet is no different. You need a carpet that will looks its best for longer, will compliment a range of decors, will work as a soft cushion for little ones and for your feet at the end of a long day.

Here are our ideas for living room carpets to suit all tastes;

Wool Collection

Wool carpets offer an ideal tried and trusted solution. They are kind to the environment, from a sustainable resource, offer long lasting appearance and add a feel of luxury and style to any room. 

Thanks to the natural strength of wool, the yarns resist wear and tear. Wool carpets also allow a home to trapping dirt and dust in the fibres until vacuumed improving air quality and reducing airborne particles. 

The benefits of wool are well established, making our wool rich carpets the finest choice for your home. They offer the ability to choose from a multitude of colours, textures and designs giving you the ability to create your own unique interior. 

Family friendly

For those busy households looking for a carpet which is stain proof our family friendly products offer the perfect solution. Using synthetic fibres we are able to create a wide variety of colours and styles designed for the a busy household with young children and possibly pets where easy maintenance is the key consideration. Offering great choice and exceptional value for money our HassleFree Collection is bleach cleanable (see our Advice section for more), and designed to cope with everything the modern family can throw at it.

Available in a selection of neutral plain and heathered colour palettes, the collection stands the test of time and will compliment any decor