Spot Cleaning

Top Tips for Spot Cleaning

Every home will have to deal with spills and stains, however, how you deal with them will determine the results. Spot cleaning can vary from carpet to carpet. 

The main rule to remember; never rub a spill! This will drive the liquid further into the pile of the carpet. Always dab a spill to absorb as much as possible.

Treating a wool carpet is very different to treating one made of man-made fibres. 

Spot cleaning Wool Carpets: We advise using products specifically formulated for wool carpets as water-based cleaners can worsen a stain, this is thanks to the natural absorption levels of wool. Alternately, we would also recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaner to remove any spot spills or stains as soon as possible. You can start the spot cleaning process by blotting the area with an absorbent material (i.e. white kitchen roll or a white towel), to remove the excess dirt. 

Don't forget; Always dab a spill! This will absorb the liquid and reduce the stain.

Spot cleaning Man-Made Carpets: Man-made carpets made of polypropylene or polyester, can be cleaned using chemicals found in most homes. The ranges we offer in our Living Collection are all capable of being cleaned with bleach (in small, diluted quantities). 

Again, use an absorbent material to soak up any issues first or remove debris by hand or with a vacuum. Then simply blot your cleaning agent on the spot, until the stain has lessened. Once clean, use a damp cloth to ‘rinse’ the area, and let the spot air dry. You may need to agitate the pile again once dry.