With a world of options at your feet & fingertips, it can be difficult to know which carpet to choose to suit your home & décor.

Let us help you answer the age-old question; “which carpet should I choose?”.


All great interiors begin with great design and at Hugh Mackay Contracts we are proud of our Designers flair, willingness and ability to innovate, thus providing our customers with the style and performance they demand.

Our talented in-house design team are hand-picked specialists with the experience and commercial acumen to create beautiful carpets to meet the requirements of every sector of the contract market.

From new stock ranges to bespoke designs for individual projects. From traditional elegance to cutting edge minimalism, our teams rise to the challenge and deliver end results which surpass all aesthetic and performance expectations.

Additional to the ability of our Design team in creating new ideas, Hugh Mackay Contracts own one of the most comprehensive design archives in existence containing over 50,000 designs.          This resource affords our customers the opportunity to access and amend authentic designs to complement any interior space.


However attractive the images in our brochures, print or here on this website, when you want to be sure you’ve selected the best carpet design for your project, nothing can compare with the realism provided by a physical colour sample. If you have selected from an existing STOCK carpet range, our sampling department will aim to dispatch your sample within 24-48 hours.

For the client looking to see how a bespoke carpet design will appear, we have “Kibby” machines dedicated to producing highly accurate individual colour & design samples for approval.
We aim to process and despatch orders for bespoke hand trials within just 3-5 working days.

Planning & Estimation

Using the latest Callidus planning software, Hugh Mackay Contracts can accurately estimate carpet requirements from site plans to any scale. 

Accurate estimations can be calculated, and adjustments made to optimise the durability of the finished installation whilst always using best industry practises to minimise wastage and therefore keep costs to a minimum.

Site Surveys

Experience tells us that when involved with complicated installations, nothing can substitute the information gleaned by actually walking over a building. As a result, Hugh Mackay Contracts are able to offer a full site survey to ensure absolute accuracy when planning the installation of complex woven chlidemas, rugs and borders. 

Carried out either by our own experienced staff or independent specialists, this service provides our customers with absolute peace of mind that in today’s fast paced world of construction and refurbishments their carpet installation will be delivered on time and will meet their exact requirements.


Through continued investment Hugh Mackay Contract ensure that all of their products are manufactured to world class standards whether that is woven or tufted carpet. By keeping abreast of the latest technologies, we are able to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards taking advantage of the latest manufacturing efficiencies and therefore minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

Warehousing & Distribution

Investing consistently in new state of the art warehousing and distribution centres at View Logistics in Hartlepool along with Alliance Distribution Hubs in Kidderminster, Hemel Hempstead and Worcester has ensured that Hugh Mackay Contracts have access to the very latest computerised stock control systems and cutting edge technology. Allowing us to consolidate and distribute stock for projects from the smallest cut length to a major roll.

Our projects accurately and efficiently match our customers specific demands for both UK and international locations.


Whether it is the supply of only a cut length or a full supply and installation package, Hugh Mackay Contracts are able to accommodate your requirements. 

Working closely with our approved Flooring Contractor Partners, we aim to dovetail our activities exactly with the requirements of the installation team to ensure that the right quality, quantity and design of product are delivered at the right time to ensure that all projects we undertake are completed on time and to our customer’s satisfaction.

Aftersales & Customer Service​

In any commercial interior the carpet represents a significant capital investment, and our aim is to ensure that investment delivers the best possible service and value for money. 

To this end Hugh Mackay Contract are able to offer site specific cleaning and maintenance advice to their customers to ensure that the finished installation is protected and retains its appearance throughout its life cycle.