Walk on the Wild Side with Safari!

Carpet Ideas: Safari

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to help you choose your perfect carpet, then you’re in the right place! We have a wealth of experience and can help you reach further than your standard ‘greige’ (grey/beige) carpet. We’re going to jump in at the deep end here and go straight to the carpet that packs a punch in the best kind of way.

Leopard Print

Our Leopard Axminster design is a must for those who want to take their home to the next level, whether it’s a stair runner, a living room carpet or even a bedroom carpet, this one is a sure-fire way to inject a healthy dose of personality into your home.

Natural Leopard Print

Just take a look at Laura’s masterpiece;

 Images courtesy of Laura, you can see more of this fab carpet on her Instagram page: @leopard_print_stairs named in honour of our stunning Leopard Axminster carpet 

Paul has gone full colour with his design, using a deep teal colour for the stair balustrade balanced out with the neutral walls, this space is the perfect combination of elegance and energy. Created to emulate a nightclub in Essex, the space is transformed all over again when they turn on the neon purple light feature at the top of this stunning staircase, which quite frankly has us asking ourselves why we don’t have more neon in our lives?!

Laura has cleverly let the leopard print do the talking here, with neutral décor and natural tones, this not only brings out the warm tones of the carpet but acts as a contrast and draws the eye to the design. Splashes of green from the many lovely plants, gives this a great ‘safari’, natural feel.

Leopard Print Meets Bold Colour

Take a look at Paul’s masterpiece (swipe for more photos);


A post shared by Paul (@bimbler)

 Images courtesy of Paul, you can see more of this wonderful carpet on his Instagram page: @bimbler 

Leopard Print Carpet

So, how do you walk on the wild side with our Leopard Print Axminster Carpet?

Samples: Either drop us a message on social media or get in touch via email to order a sample.

Purchasing: Simply Find Your Closest Retailer and give them a call or visit. They will be able to help you through each step of the way.

 Image courtesy of @bondflooring

 Image courtesy of @beautifulflooring

Paired with the natural wood stair balustrade and glass inserts, the contrast of black and white can speak volumes on this elegant staircase and landing. It adds personality that is balanced out by the surrounding space. 

Pairing a strong design like our Zebra print Axminster carpet with herringbone flooring is a great way to ensure the carpet is the centre of attention and ensure an elegant, modern finish. 

Custom Zebra Print Carpet Runner

Take a look at these masterpieces;

 Images courtesy of: @absolutelyfabulousflooring

 Images courtesy of: @exceptional_floors

Taking a bold pattern and creating a custom carpet runner using it is great for those who want to go bold but are cautious about doing so.

Framing the Zebra print design with a black edging adds a crisp, clean finish that would have anyone wanting to emulate your design!

Zebra Print Carpet

To transform your home with this stunning Zebra Print Axminster Carpet, simply;

Samples: Either drop us a message on social media or get in touch via email to order a sample.

Purchasing: Simply Find Your Closest Retailer and give them a call or visit. They will be able to help you at each step of the way.

Safari Carpets from Hugh Mackay


If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, this range is for you!

With leopard print, zebra print and ocelot print to choose from, there’s a design for everyone.

As we’ve shown, you can create a multitude of looks with these simple yet bold designs, from modern staircase marvels to a nature lovers paradise and even a nightclub at home! Drop us an email to order a sample and find your closest retailer to help you measure & provide a quote.


These 8row Axminster carpets are crafted using the finest quality wool that creates a carpet that will stand the test of time. It’s this durability that means this range has both style and substance.

The cut pile velour finish gives these carpets an unrivalled softness, simply vacuum regularly to keep it looking its best.

Available in 4m width.