Tartan Carpet Inspiration

Let’s talk about tartan!

Tartan has taken over the world to become one of the symbols of tradition, warmth and quality. 
Originally created by weaving wool of different colours together to create a criss-cross of vertical and horizontal lines, the tartan pattern can now be crafted in a number of ways, including through tufting to create our personal favourite, the tartan carpet!

Choosing your tartan carpet

When choosing your tartan carpet there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. The colours of the tartan 
  2. The size of the tartan pattern 
  3. The style of the tartan pattern

The Colours of the Tartan 

With the tartan design involving multiple colours within each pattern repeat, its important to select a tartan that includes colours that you like, that will suit the décor and will complement the room.

Grey Tartan Carpet

One of the most popular is the grey tartan carpet. With grey carpets being the ‘go-to’ for most households, it stands to reason that people will want their tartan to follow suit. 
The popularity of grey has led to our design team creating an array of designs that cover all bases, including dark grey background colours, lighter grey stripes or mid grey accent stripes across natural backgrounds…

Be Inspired; 

Featuring; Glen Loy & Glen Isla from our Tartanesque Range and Ben Macdui from our Tartan Collection

Select the image below to see the colour in a room setting


Blue Tartan Carpet

Next up is the blue tartan carpet. Blue is typically a very calming colour as well as a colour that can be paired with most other shades in any design or pattern. Thanks to the versatility and popularity of the colour, our design team were able to create designs showcasing the colour as the main overarching shade, as the mid tone and as the accent colour in a number of tartan carpets…

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Featuring; Ben Avon & Ben Lomond from our Tartan Collection and Glen Etive from our Tartanesque Range 

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Red Tartan Carpet

Red tartan carpet is possibly one of the more traditional colours available and often evokes warm, snug feelings. Thanks to the famous ‘red carpet’ tradition, the colour also creates a rich luxurious feel and is associated with prestige. 
The shade of red used in a design can dramatically change the affect of the colour on a room, whether using bright red or burgundy, our team have created an array of red tartan carpets for you to choose from…

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Featuring; Royal Stewart and Macdonald from our Tartan Collection and Glen Effric from our Tartanesque Range 

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Green Tartan Carpet

Sticking with traditional colours, we have green tartan carpets. Green, like blue can evoke feelings of calm and gives a nod to the beauty of the natural world. When it comes to green tartan, different shades can create different spaces for example a bright vibrant green can create a colourful and inviting space whilst a deep green can create a luxurious and lavish space.
To help cater to any space, our designers have created an array of green tartan carpets for you;

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Featuring; Gordon Regimental, Autumn Plaid and Black Watch Tartan from our Tartan Collection 

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Wool Tartan Carpet

A more natural option is our dedicated tartan naturals range which uses undyed wool to create the classic tartan pattern. This achieves an overall softer finish and a more subtle style that compliments any décor. 

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Featuring; Ben Lawers, Maple Tartan and Tonal Plaid from our Tartan Naturals Range

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The Size of the Tartan Pattern

The size of the tartan pattern repeat is something that can completely change the style of a room. Going for an intricate smaller tartan pattern in a large room will look very different to the same tartan carpet in a small room. 
Choosing a pattern size that suits the room and works with the space is key. Our designs start at 33cm pattern repeat and go up to a 50cm pattern repeat. 
With such variations in the size of our tartans, we have ensured that all of our tartan carpets are featured on our room visualiser which allows you to upload a photo of your home and insert a scaled version of our tartans, to help create a visual of the pattern repeat on mass and in a room setting. 

Pictured is our Weathered Buchanan from @lovely_linskill & Layla

The Style of the Tartan Pattern

When we talk about the style of a tartan pattern, what we are referring to is the number and thickness of the interlocking lines. 
A tartan that is made up of bold fewer bold lines will showcase less colours, creating a subtle tartan style in a room. Whereas a tartan that is made up of multiple lines in varying widths showcases more colours and creates a much bolder and more intricate style. 
Some tartan carpets can be made up of a ‘grid’ type design such Autumn Plaid, Rustic Plaid and Weathered Buchanan whereas others can be made up of a number of multi coloured lines to add more detail to the space such as Dress Stewart, Ben Alder and Shaker Tartan.

Pictured is our Ben Alder from @heritageflooringleigh

Choosing Your Tartan Carpet

Whether you're looking for a subtle tartan pattern or a big and bold design, we have the right carpet for you. Make the most of our online Visualiser to see how the designs will look in your home and overhaul your space with this wonderful, traditional style.

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