Cathedral Collection

Axminster Carpet

Each pattern has been designed using the very popular damask style themes. Using modern shades from the same colour palettes, each design has a gentle contrast to ensure that there is a tone to suit any décor. Whilst creating an understated visual impact, this range adds a touch of timeless style to any space.

This Axminster carpet is made from quality wool and is available in 4m width. Thanks to the durability of Axminster carpets and the natural benefits of wool, this range will stand the test of time, even under heavy foot fall. 

Pile Content:  



Pile Weight:   

Total Weight: 



*Design Dependent

80% Wool / 20% Nylon

Woven Axminster


1260g/m2 or 1310g/m2

2070g/m2 or 2500g/m2*

Heavy Contract 

Polyester Weft / Polypropylene Warp

For samples of made to order designs, please call our office on 01429 892 525 or email [email protected]